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Choosing your cleaning team

We know it's often hard to determine what company to use on your home or business. We guarantee that we use water that is infused with an eco-friendly lubricant to insure no scratching or streaking when using our cleaning tools. This lubricant is particularly important when removing unwanted stickers, paint and brick dust from glass. Our solutions will dry clear, leaving no hard water spots.

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Residential clients require a $90 minimum.  Any job that we need to use a ladder, there is a $50 flat fee for ladder work.​​        

   Commercial window cleaning clients include insurance companies, shopping malls, universities, banks, medical device manufacturers, government facilities, and more. Our clients appreciate our personal approach to providing great customer service in commercial window cleaning applications. 

   Through the use of rope access, powered platforms, aerial lifts, ladders, and water-fed poles we can safely access a wide variety of different commercial window cleaning applications. Commercial window cleaning requires strict adherence to safety standards and should not be taken lightly

SHINE MY GLASS commercial subcontracted window cleaners are trained and experienced in Rope Access, Practical Rigging Safety, Fall Protection, and follow the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 OSHA safety standard for the window cleaning industry.