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Green Screen, an exceptional air filter for your home. Indoor air can be 70 times more polluted than outdoor air according to the EPA. The Green Screen uses three layers to remove dust, animal dander, allergens, mold, fungus from your indoor air system. The first layer filters airborne particles like animal dander and dust, which is where most other filters end their work. The Green Screen goes on to filter the air with a green layer that further filter airborne particles. Its final layer uses an antimicrobial agent to filter microbes like bacteria.

Best of all, the Green Screen relies on an reusable frame. Purchase it once, and then replace the interior filter layer once every two to three months. You will even receive a postcard or email reminder to replace your Green Screen interior filter, and your purchase will be shipped to your home. On average, the improved air flow lowers energy bills by $4 to $8 per month.

PowerShield Power Conditioning System

The PowerShield Power Conditioning System protects electronics, saves money and conserves energY.  Smart technologies have not only optimized the function and proficiency of home electronics and household appliances, they have also made the risk of losing them much more costly. Most homeowners forget to consider how many thousands of dollars they have invested in digital devices, electronics and major appliances like their refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. It is time for a simple, easy-to-install, clean power solution that will help protect all of your home’s electronics while also conserving energy. The PowerShield Power Condition System offers a single-installation, cost-effective means of helping to protect the entire home from electrical spikes and surges while also monitoring and controlling the rate of incoming electricity in order to optimize the flow of power use and help diminish static-causing harmonics and line noise.

The Graffiti Shield product line features revolutionary graffiti abatement covers to help combat vandalism. Property owners are constantly fighting everything from spray paint and markers to carving and acid graffiti. Vandalism costs schools, homeowners, businesses, youth, and others more than $15 billion a year.


The Attic Tent is a specially engineered, patented insulator designed to create an air transfer barrier between your attic and living areas. It is a practical and economical solution to a problem that has existed since homes were first built with overhead attic entries. That problem is wasted energy through and around the attic door and stairs.

Solar Attic Fan
First in a series of new products, our solar attic fan is engineered not only to perform in extreme weather, but offers patent-pending innovation not previously available in the market. The solar ventilation products are designed for use in virtually any residential, commercial and utility application. Our premium solar ventilation product is technologically, functionally and aesthetically superior to the competition. Rugged, durable, practical and at an incredible value, Solar Royal ventilation products are simply the best solar ventilation solution on the market.