Keep those cobwebs and mud daubers off your home & boat slip for a while. Our spider web control solution is made from  essential oils and is safe to use around your family, dogs, cats & other pets. You can be confident that our solution will not leave harmful chemicals behind, just a peppermint scent! 

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Taking into consideration your Lake's Habitat & the safety of the environment. We clean your boat slip with eco-friendly solutions.

window glass cleaning

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Spider web control


Exterior house washing

At shine my glass, we understand that clean, sparkling windows can transform not onlY the look but also the feel of your residential or commercial space. our commitment to brilliance and attention set us apart as the premier window cleaning & HOUSE WASHING company in the area. 

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Our Services

​Dedicated to making your home shine, one window at a time. Our skilled team of professionals meticulously clean your glass even into the corners. We use eco-friendly products to remove dirt, grime and smudges. â€‹

Our soft washing service is the ultimate solution for reviving the appearance of your home or property. Using low-pressure water prevents damage to your surfaces. We effectively remove stubborn dirt, mold, algae, mud daubers and stains.

  • Siding & Under Eaves
  • Stone & Concrete
  • Walkways & Patios
  • Solar panels
  • Metal, Tile & Shingle Rooftops