"Mike Savely owner of Shine My Glass was

an Austinite until his parents got ahold of

an old school bus and drove the family up

the Al-Can Highway to Alaska where savely

spent his high school years.

   After graduation Mike who acquired the nickname Mike Alaska, he led a gypsy like experience playing drums and guitar and traveling up and down the coast with stays in Montreal, New York, and Mexico, his musical Talent took him to to places as big as Madison Square Garden where he performed at halftime for the Knicks and other teams alike.

   That free-wheeling lifestyle came to a halt when savely then in his early thirties came back to Austin a couple of years ago to help his elderly grandparents. Needing a steady income and finding himself living next door to a handyman who is well-known and respected in the Lakeway area, Savely ask his neighbor to show him the secret to being a great window washer. With a Craftsman instinct he spent hours practicing the art of squeegeeing and mixing organic cleaning solutions until he had a marketable talent.

   A serendipitous turn of events happen when at only his third house window washing the homeowners began asking him questions about his future and gave him a $700 tip for his work which enabled savely to purchase safety gear business cards and advertising that got him to the next level.

   Savely went on to learn from other experts how to install window screens and solar screens. You really get a sense of his pride in his eye for detail and dedication to the craft when he talks about work. Mike is now living in Oak Hill installing and repairing solar screens doing window cleaning on home owners and corporate clients alike and also doing Christmas light installations. He's getting lots of return business these days and so far has all 5 Star reviews on Yelp

   If you want your business or home windows clean, power washing, or need solar screens or help installing Christmas lights Mike Savely can be reached at 512-762-1866 You might also get a kick out of checking out the YouTube videos of him drumming on the streets under the name Mike Alaska"

By Penny Levers, The Oak Hill Gazette 



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